Auspicious Dates

“There is a time for everything”

This ageless advice is mentioned and preached across all beliefs and faiths and cannot be more appropriate than when applied to our daily lives. Strategic timing is very important in our life and can help us achieve our goals more effectively.


The ancient Chinese were strong believers of getting things done at the right time. In conjunction with Feng Shui and the astrology system Ba Zi, they developed the Ten Thousand Years Calendar, otherwise known as the Chinese Almanac, Tong Shu and the Farmer’s Calendar. Traditionally, we use this calendar to schedule events such as marriage, moving house, building, renovations, travel, trading, opening ceremonies for home or business, buying property, engagements, weddings, signing important documents, Feng Shui activities and more.

On the larger scale, this calendar was once used by farmers to plan their agricultural activities. This is the reason for it’s other known name: The Farmer’s Calendar.

Listed in the Almanac, every day holds a different quality of energy, elements, and zodiac sign. It is important to know the suitability  of the day that is needed for any special occasion. Chinese wisdom holds that the beginning of an event is a crucial moment as it contains  the seeds of what is to unfold.

In our modern society, some of the popular requests are related to property transactions, official opening events, weddings  and caesarean birth date selection.

With caesarean date selection, it is important to understand that it cannot guarantee you a perfect life for your child; but it can certainly help give your child a good head start with a good birth date by ruling out all negative dates.

Therefore selecting an auspicious date for business or important events  is a step towards building a better and more successful life ahead.